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    I've got a quick question. I always forget what colors perform best early in the year. Are natural-colored baits best, or are bright colors best? I suppose it depends on the lake you fish, correct?

    If I remember right it's:

    Dirty water = Bright colors
    Clear water = natural colors


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    That is the historic "rule of thumb" when it comes to muskie fishing but totally dependent on the water you are fishing. Many lakes go through a change in water clarity throughout the season requiring us to adjust our color choices accordingly - for example when an algae bloom starts to appear. Try to experiment with a number of different colors until contact has been made - fine tune as you fish.

    Fish hard!

    Chas Martin
    Chas Martin
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    There is never a "hardfast" rule concerning
    color usage when it comes to fishing,
    It has yet to be proven that muskies
    or any other fish see color. However
    the fact as to whether they react to
    one bait over another on any given
    day is indisputable. I suggest to you
    that fish see shades bs hard colors
    and this coupled with the "light of
    day" and the color of the water in
    that body of water, resembles a shade
    of the forage that musky is willing
    to feed upon. Also I still believe the
    the proper presentation will outweigh
    any color choice.
    "Ranger" Rick Krueger
    Guide's Choice Pro Shop
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