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    Hi Scott, coming over this weekend from Menominee. Have any of your boats tried or planning on trying the bank this week. Have you heard of any fish caught out there yet, would be re-assuring to know at least one fish has been caught so far. Thanks

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    Yes we were on the bank over the weekend and caught some Kings! A number of other boats have caught fish too.... Most have run to 40 to 60 feet of water and caught a mixed bag of Browns, Lake Trout, and Kings... but my goal was a pass down the bank and outside to see what it looked like.... Fish marked will from 120 to 180 feet of water, but water temps were only 39 degrees!!! Despite those cold temps we had a double header on kings! Which is a great sign! To me that means the fish are here, and relating to the bank, they've probably been here for awhile... a few degrees in water temps and it should be GO_TIME..... FYI 2010 fish reports places the catch rate BIG time! and in the northwest region (Sturgeon Bay) near the record set in 2007!!!!
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