So far this has been a season of incosistancy as far as fishing sucess goes. We've been doing well one day and then not so hot on the same water the next. The up and down weather patterns is the cause of this I suspect. A couple of warm days then back to cool weather with a few storms mixed in is just not conducive to great fishing.

We are catching fish but having to work very hard for what we are getting most days. Walleyes when the weather is right have been willing to bite. Weed growth is behind schedule due to the late Spring but where you can find new green cabbage you will find some walleyes. Minnows are still working best but we did also catch some walleyes on crawlers this past weekend. Northerns have probably been the most active of any species recently, again relating to shallow weeds. Water temps are still not warm enough on most lakes for crappies to spawn but some are being caught in deeper weeds adjacent to spawning areas. I did spend some time casting twitch baits for smallmouth on one of our few warm afternoons that we have had recently and found them to be quite active.

Unfortunately the forecast for the upcoming week is a cool one which probably won't help matters but don't let that stop you from getting oput on the water. You can find fish that are willing to bite. just be prepared to work a little harder for them.