Last weekend was the City Auto Glass walleye tourney on the Big V. My fishing partner and I attended the rules meeting/banquet and couldn't help but notice all the guys with "racoon eyes" from getting scorched that day on the lake. Reports said the fishing had been tough and the weather was about to take a drastic change.

That night the both of us won some nice prizes at the banquet and we were confident we'd do well the following day. We blasted off around 7:30 and headed west towards Oak Narrows. Gene slid the trolling motor in the water and dropped his jig over the side. Not even two minutes went by and BAM, he pops a 1lb 8oz keeper. Game on; this is going to be a good day.

Seven hours and 20 spots later, that was our only fish of the day! We fished deep, shallow, pulled Lindy Rigs all through Frazier Bay in a 20 mph wind and got our butts kicked. Whenever I started to get frustrated, I reminded Gene that this tourney got me out of a 12 hour car ride to a wedding in southern Iowa.

We had found the fish days earlier and even went back to the same spots on the follwing day and caught fish. Sometimes you just need a little luck but I'll take a beating on the water any day over a day in the office.