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    Default Cisco Chain of Lakes

    Spent the past week fishing on the Lakes. We had a great time. Beginning of the week was very cold and the fishing was tough since the water was so cold. But as the week progressed, the water got warmer and the cloud cover really turned on the bite. For the week, Sunday to Friday, we caught about 100+ walleye of which about 20 were keepers including a 28", 24" and 21". Caught two nice size crappie. Caught 50+ northern of which most were small but did pick up a 29" and a 27 incher. Caught 10 good sized perch. Caught one 37" muskie on 6 lb test line and had some real fun with a 50"+ muskie who t-boned a small northern and I had on the line for 7 minutes or so, but lost it.

    We had to find the lakes with warmest water, cloud cover was important or tree shadows, water had to be murkey and not clear at all, and most were caught off shorelines or shallow rock bars. Did not get a bite in Michigan Bay or Palmer Bay as the water was very clear.

    With warmer water forecasted, I would think that the bite in the upcoming week will be very good.


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    Default Tommy were were you fishing ??

    Congrats on the great success you had can you tell me what lakes you where you were fishing on ???

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    Default Good Luck

    Quote Originally Posted by joep66 View Post
    Congrats on the great success you had can you tell me what lakes you where you were fishing on ???
    Joe, the most success was in East Bay Lake. But I really think the other shallower lakes are going to take off next week if the temps remain warm. I was told that Record Lake should take off with the crappie bite pretty soon. The water temp in there was about 57.

    But by far, our most success was in East Bay. When you come by the Troll Bridge, I saw 10 boats one day in Easy Bay fishing that weed bed. I had some limited success there but not nearly as much as timber shorelines. Try it if you can find room, and if you get northern after northern, move off if you want walleye. But I will admit, I caught my 24" walleye there on opening day. But opening day conditions and today's are vastly different.

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    I had the same results. Palmer and Michigan bay were both clear because the winds were out of the northeast. The south shore was very churned up, and there is some new weed growth. You had to work to find fish there, but they were there!

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