After a bit of a shaky start the weather looks like it is about to be in our favor. Wind, rain and cold temps have made fishing tough but walleyes are still being caught. All the usual spots on the Detroit River have been slow with some better days mixed in. Fishing 20-35 fow lately has been good with chartruese jigs and a mix of black or brown worm have taken some fish. I have been using a 5/8oz jig with a Mizmo Scorpion in brown or purple with decent catches, the Scorpion is a little smaller with a nice paddle tail for short strikes. I have been fishing from Fighting Island to Peche Island in various spots and when a few fish are caught I have worked the area thoroughly. The open waters of Lake Erie will soon be the hot spots as angler change from jigging to trolling with most using harnesses to take home some delicious walleyes. Colchester on the Ontario side of Erie will see some of the first walleye action as they leave the spawning grounds of the Detroit River. Try fishing 12-25 fow with cranks or crawler harnesses to locate a school and use your GPS to stay on top of them.