Would like to take this opportunity to firstly thank all our 2010 guests again and look forward to the continuing our tradition with you .
We also would like to welcome all the 2011 guests to date for booking early and getting as excited as we are for this coming fishing/ hunting season!!!!
With expansions on the way , some new concepts and seasoned guides .. We know that your trips with us will not only memorable but enjoyable to say the least!
We will out next week for our first open water excursions and look forward to the early season Pike and Bass !!

We would also like to thank all our contributors at trade shows and exhibits thru-out the US for helping getting our promotional items out to clients . Without your support and help , we couldnt target the client base potential that was achieved ! Our clients have reached us from thru-out the USA and Europe !!!!

Thank You and We hope everyone has a joyful , safe fishing season !!
Central Guiding Service