What a great day on the water in Fremont. Limit were caught all through the river system. I stopped in New London and talked to randy the group of 3 had 15. The guys in Fremont also had limit. As the guy down by the rat had a good day also.

For the bait everyone is looking for shinner we have them but the tuffy fat head also did really good today. Give them a try if your going out.

For colors of jigs. I still not sure but the light blue are selling good. Orange is alway a great collor and we have a new yellow jig that is going good.

I would start out with the orange and change if it is not working.

Chech out the walleye cam it is full of walleye right now. http://www.wolfrivercam.com/Shiocton%20Cam%202.html

Enjoy The Fight