Fished Saturday & Sunday, Temps 44-49. Windy as all get out Sunday on Tippy. No action on Webster Saturday from the usual proven early season spots.

On James Sunday my brother got his first in a most unusual way. We moved down a breakline and at one point were sheltered from the wind where the boat just sat in place. He backlashed and spent 2-3 minutes getting it out. Reeled up the slack and instant he made contact with the bait a nice musky ate his spinnerbait. After CPR we concluded she saw the bait sink to the bottom and must of just been staring at it. When it moved she ate it. He now has a new nickname,, "Dead Stick". But he had a big smile in the pic's with his first musky, not bad for a 62 year old.

Hard work, sticking with it and luck paid off.