We still have ice ! This is the longest I have seen ice in a number of yrs. I normally look at taking the boat out the first Sat in April this yr could be a bit later. The latest satellite pics show that this is still some ice on Lake St. Clair and even more in Lake Huron.
These satellite pics give you a good opportunity to check water clarity too. With N and E winds you will notice water on the south shores of Lake St. Clair and Erie to be very muddy. This will give you a bit of a heads up to possibly try another location if yours is a mud puddle.
We have been fortunate in recent yrs to be open water fishing in March so a bit longer should make for a few more days of cabin fever.
Just a few tips on being ready when you hit the ramp for the first time this yr. Be courteous and ready to launch, tarp off, straps undone, winch readynand a bit of practice backing the trailer in. Make sure you have fresh gas, plug in, and the KEY.. LOL. For those who are unsure of their motor, try firing it up at home with a set of ear muffs and garden hose or a garbage can filled with water.
Hope you are ready soon,