I have got out a little in the last week chasing panfish. Ice conditions are good with very little snow on the ice. Creepers are advised do to the lack of snow, but travel is excellent. Panfish (Bluegills, Crappies, and Perch) have all been hanging in the same general areas. Look in shallow weeds 15 feet or less, bluegills and Crappies have been holding all over in the water column and Perch have been close to bottom as usual. The other pattern is a deep water bite in 20-35 feet main lake basin. There again Crappies and Bluegills have been suspending and the Perch have been holding tight to bottom. Waxies Wigglers and spikes have been working with a slip bobber or spring bobber. Small minnows have been working also on tip downs. As always mobility and using your electronics has been key to locating these fish. Good Luck to all.