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    Are you guys gonna put a 2010 photo album up on your website?
    I'd like to see some of those monster fish you guys are known for!

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    Post 2010 muskie photo album...

    Its getting to be that time of year where all of us muskie nuts are sick of winter and are jonesing for those long summer nights slinging topwater baits across a weed flat. As for the picture thing, I personally, I've kinda stopped posting pics of fish that come into my boat. It seems to more pics that I post to more "tails" I have following me around. Everyone likes to fish in peace w/o looking over your shoulder. The majority of my clients already know what kind of fish come aboard my boat and I share that info with them when we fish together or they see it first hand with one of those beasts on the end of the line! But maybe I'll post a few as long as we have frozen water.

    Pete Brzezinski
    Northland Muskie Adventures Guide Service(715) 574-1813
    Pete Brzezinski
    Northland Muskie Adventures Guide Service
    (715) 574-1813
    Website: http://www.northlandmuskieadventures.com

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