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Thread: Thanksgiving weekend walleyes on wolf

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    Default Thanksgiving weekend walleyes on wolf

    Anyone been out lately? Going saturday and was wondering what stretch of the river to start for walleyes. About a month ago the spot was the rock wall but wondering if the action is more down towards the rat now or above red banks? Anyone?

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    Default Saturday fishing

    The last really good report I had was in New London. Randy was catching limits of Walleyes everyday. The water temp was in the 40's and he was catching them with flies ripping them around the deep holes.
    Last week I still was doing good by the big maple drifting. I think we had 7. I was using the loose hook on the jig staying vertical nightcrawler were working good down here.

    I hope this helped a little. I have some shinner over at the resort. I need to get rid of them to close up the shop for the winter stop by and pick some up.

    Happy holidays

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    Louis Woods

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