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    Post IMTT History Travelling Display

    "The IMTT is developing a travelling display promoting the achievements (past, present and future) of the IMTT, it's members and tournament participants as well as its' many projects. To maximize the effectiveness of the travelling display, we need help and assistance from members and folks that have participated in IMTT events.

    Following is a list of items that we are looking for: Pictures of past State Champions and Runner-Up Teams, Pictures of Past Tournament Trail Points Champion and of Runner-Ups, Pictures of fisherman and Big Fish for each year, Pictures of various IMTT projects and various IMTT activities. We are also looking for patches, pens, badges, hats, decals, trophies, awards etc to include in the travelling display. We anticipate having this traveling display at various IMTT events, various fishing shows, special programs, various Muskie Club meetings, etc. Please send display material to Bob Kerans or perhaps bring it with you to the State Championship at Lake Kinkaid.

    Bob K.
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    Last call....the display case has been constructed and we are rapidly approaching the point of laying out the pictures to be included in the case. Please send pictures of Illinois muskie catches to robert_kerans_559@comcast.net
    We hope to have a dynamic display of muskies caught in Illinois

    via Bob K.

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