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Thread: Evinrude E-tec problems (more)

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    Hey everybody, Pete Brzezinski from Northland Muskie Adventures Guide Service. My Evinrude E-tec is down again!!! I've had nothing but headaches and non-stop problems with this motor since I bought it at the begining of last season. (All you guys that fish with me know how much I hate this motor) The first thing that went wrong was the EMM(the brain) of the motor, next was a fuel injector followed by multiple ignition coils and it's back in the shop again for the same coil. In total its been in the shop 7-8 times since I bought it new.
    3 years, 300 hours no matinance does not mean that if it brakes down you don't have to take it in and get it fixed!
    Sorry to you guys that are going to be up at the Larry Ramsell musky outing this weekend on Lake Vermilion I won't be up there. I was going to be there Friday and come back here for Saturday. But the Evinrude Etec doesn't want to run and gonig 7mph on Vermilion starts to become a saftey issue if weather comes up and we can not get off.

    Pete Brzezinski
    Pete Brzezinski
    Northland Muskie Adventures Guide Service
    (715) 574-1813
    Website: http://www.northlandmuskieadventures.com

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    That sucks dude, I thought I saw your boat at Jeff's Marine last week when I dropped mine off again. I bottomed out on some sand, then rode all the way upriver just fine but it crapped out on me on the way back. Still not sure what's wrong with it.

    Quite the downer since the weather is so nice lately.

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