Musky fishing continues to be good on the lakes we've been fishing. In the last two days we've had three fish in the net, 38", 36" & 30" and have had ten or twelve other fish follow or chase around our suckers. Two of the fish we've seen were in the 46 to 48 inch class, nice fish.
We've been using a new quick strike rig for our suckers made by Fuzzy Shumway, he gave me two but we lost one on a fish crib. We've caught 11 out of 13 fish that have hit his new rig, it works pretty good I'd say.
Suicks have boated a few fish for us the past ten days or so as have Big Game Twitchbaits, but more than half of our fish are now coming on suckers.
Water temps are 55 to 57 on the lakes I been on.
Good luck and good fishing,
Jim Stroede