We're now into the "in-between" part of the season when the summer clothes aren't nearly enough, but it's too soon for the arctic gear. My biggest frustration this time of year has been footwear. It's way too cold for the Shimano fishing shoes that I've worn all summer, but too soon for the Muck Boot Arctics that I wear late October until freeze-up. For years I've worn my Danner hunting boots this time of year, but was frustrated by how poorly I could run the trolling motor footpad with the stiff, clunky soles of the Danners.

Awhile back I found out about the Camp Boot by The Muck Boot Company from a guest of mine who was wearing them. I already had a few seasons on the pair of Muck boots that I wear at the end of the season and I liked the way the sole looked. I thought they looked good enough that I even asked the guy if I could try them on. These guys sent me that pair I have now as a thank-you for the time we had together on Mille Lacs.

I have a couple weeks on these boots now and I love them. They are the Camp Boot and I'll include a link. The sole fits fairly close and is quite flexible, so I feel pretty nimble on the footpad. The amount of insulation is perfect for this time of year; they're keeping my feet toasty but without getting too hot. I'm surprised how well they breathe. My feet haven't been damp at the end of the day, as they often are when I wear my Muck Boot Arctic later in the year. Simply put, I think these are the perfect footwear for early and mid fall fishing. Also check out the Chikana fishing shoe. It's basically the same boot but with a different sole.


A shout goes out to Bryan and Jeff for the boots. Thanks a lot guys.