My family has been going up to Northern Wisconsin for many many years. going way back to when my great grandfather started going up, well before the 1940's.
My family pretty much settled on the Boulder Junction area and made friends in the area. In the early 70's my parents and grand parents had commented how fishing wasn't what it used to be as did many of their friends up there. An old family friend who is now gone used to own a resort and was also a fishing guide, and since the early 70's he rarely went out fishing and only went out once a week. He would tell me how sad the fishing was compared to what it used to be. That every lake had an association and the lake he was on used to pay money for additional fish stocking on the lake every year.
I remember when I was younger their wasn't much stocking on the lake and if their was it was usually Walley that were stocked. I have since looked at the reports about fish stockings and all I see are Muskie being stocked. Now, I love fishing for Muskie, but I also love fishing for Walleye and panfish.

Do others think that the lakes are only being managed for trophy Muskie and this is damaging the rest of the fishery is my imagination gone wild?