For the most part it has been a very good summer for fishing with bass and walleyes providing the best action. With the consistantly warm weather we have had the fish have held in their summer patterns. However, sharply cooler weather coming in for the Labor Day weekend will signal some noticeable changes in fish behavior.

I look for the fish, particularly walleyes, to start to relate more to deeper water haunts such as mud flats and rock structure. Also as the water temps cool look for minnows to become the bait of choice instead of crawlers and leeches.

Smallmouth bass will also start to move gradually deeper.

Largemouth and northerns will still relate primarily to weed beds but may move out to the deeper edges of them.

Whereas this sharp cold front may slow the bite a bit temporarily, in the long run it's what we need to drop the water temps and get the fish kick started into their Fall feeding patterns.