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Thread: The famous Spoonplugs have arrived!

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    Default The famous Spoonplugs have arrived!

    We just got in our latest batch of spoonplugs at the shop. We have a few online, but even more of a selection in the store. These have been my go-to lures for many years and I have put just about every type of fish in the boat with them. When the fish are not necessarily "biting" the spoonplug can get them to strike when it is ran correctly. Additionally, the last two weeks of guiding for me have produced 6 muskies and about 35 Northern pike on this lure. This is the time of year to use spoonplugs!
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    Default Casting or Trolling

    How do you use these baits.... I have heard of them but wondering what method you use....... Lately I can't find a fish...... but i will keep trying


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