Fishing has remained pretty much consistent over the last week and a half. There have been some great days on the water along with just average fishing. Most fish are still relating to weeds of some sort on the bodies of water I am fishing. I have been catching mix bags of walleye, perch, crappies and pike. All fish have been taken with jigs and live bait of minnow, crawler, or leeches. With leeches and minnows being the best. Jig size has been either 1/32 or 1/16 depending on weed cover and wind. The cloudy days with wind have been the best with the sunny flat days being a little tougher. Most fish have been relating to the outside of the weeds where the bait fish are getting pushed up typically due to the wind. I also switched gears and actually went muskie fishing once this year with Mike Reinert and his wife about a week ago and Mike scored his first ever northern Wisconsin muskie. With a bit a beginners luck on his side the fish smashed a twitch bait on a weed and rock finger. Congrats to Mike on an awsome fish and a successful release. Back on the water tomorrow good luck this week and I will try and report back as things start to change.