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    Well the inconsistent weather has caused some inconsistent fishing the last few days, with storms and cold front bring cool northly winds has slow fishing. The fish are still biting but you are really working for the fish you get. Most of the mayfly are over on 90% of the lake with a few just finishing up. Water temps have been fluxuating as well with the changes in weather, but should start to level out towards the weekend. The weekend forecast looks good with warm temps and consistent wind directions should shape up for a great weekend of fishing.

    Walleye have been mostly on the weed edges. Very short casts with a 1/16 or 1/32 oz jig with a minnow or leech have worked the best. These fish are not hitting the jig hard most times the pickups have been light where they just start swimming with the minnow out of the weeds and toward the boat.

    Muskie/Pike action look for fish to in and around weed edges in 7-12 feet of water. Small bucktails and jerkbaits have been the most productive. Most fish being taken are of average size.

    Bass are hitting in and around the dock and shallow rock humps on most lakes. Rock humps topping out around the 12-14 foot mark have been the best. Rubber worms and tubes would be the go to bait of choice.

    Crappies have been slow with the occasional fish still being taken on a jig and minnow while fishing walleyes over cabbage weeds. As the water temps continue to raise look for these fish to make a change over to plastic tubes and mini mites.

    Perch have been hitting well in the weeds and some nice perch on some days. Minnows or small pieces of night crawler have been the best in taking these fish.

    Good luck this weekend as fishing should pick up and be good. Warmer temps will trigger these fish to start feeding again.
    Good Luck
    Jason Pertile
    Jason Pertile Guide Service
    Web Site: http://www.pertileguideservice.com

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    Default Walleye

    Any walleye hitting consistently on the Three Lakes Chain? Hitting on what lakes? Same with Crappie. If not what lakes are the best and at what time?


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    Nothing has been consisant from day to day. You just have to keep jumping around and looking for them. There have been very few crappies with the cool temps as temps warm up the crappies should too. Walleyes have been in the weeds for the most part. I have not been on the south of Medicine lake too much mainly been up on the northern end.
    Good Luck.
    Jason Pertile Guide Service
    Web Site: http://www.pertileguideservice.com

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    Thanks Jason..Hopefully the cold front stays away. I will be out there tomorrow afternoon for a week dodging the skiers and wave runners.

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