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    Sorry for the delay getting a fish report out... All I can say is "unreel"! This has to rank as my best June ever! That's 15 years running this business and many more as a private fisherman! Limit catches and BIG fish.... a slow day is still double digits and clients are going home with lots of fish! I took a minute to weigh the bags of fillets a few days back...We had over 100 pounds of processed salmon fillets at around $10 per pound. That is over $1000 dollars worth of fish! Realize that it is illegal to sell your catch, but understand the value that these big catches have to our clients!

    Many of our customers are leaving amazed! Frankly so am I! The fishing has been incredibly consistent for almost 2 months. I am knocking on wood as I type to keep the "great" fishing alive...

    I've had trips with limits of kings were more the 2/3rds of the fish are adult kings... 155 quart YETI coolers full to the top!!! Take a look at our photos here: http://www.reelactioncharters.com/photo-log.shtml Including our 25 pound king caught last night!!! Our biggest so far this season!!

    You gotta get out on the lake to experience if for yourself....See you on the water
    Reel Action Charters
    Captain Scott Gutschow

    Web Site: http://www.reelactioncharters.com/index.shtml

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    Well the Reel Action was back off the bank early today heading home with a limit catch! I ran the Playtime and fell 2 fish short, but the cooler was still full to the top! This is amazing!!! I took a photo of my clients truck today, they had a 200 qut cooler strapped to a hitch hauler! The cooler was full of two days of king salmon fillets!! I'll get it on the web soon! This was the 5th year for my customers and good friends! They are already planning for next year! They'll have plenty of fish till next year!!! See you soon!
    Reel Action Charters
    Captain Scott Gutschow

    Web Site: http://www.reelactioncharters.com/index.shtml

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