This past weeks cool weather has dropped surface temps quite dramatically. The fish have reacted to these temp changes differently from lake to lake. Yesteday day for example I fished three diferent lakes. The first was a total bust with only small perch caught. The second found the walleyes very active with a limit in less than an hour, and the third lake was productive for smallmouth bass only. I guess the point is that whereas the cool temps have slowed things a bit, if you check a variety of lakes you can still make decent catches.

With the warm sunny weather we had earlier this Spring the weed beds in most lakes are very well developed. Walleyes, largemouth, and pike are all relating to these weeds. Look for smallmouth near rocky and wooded areas.

Crawlers have been my best bait for walleyes. Try various plastics or crankbaits for both species of bass.

Warmer weather predicted for the upcoming weekend should translate to a more consistant bite.