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    Last night was a night of fishing that will stick in the memory books for a long time… First and foremost I was lucky enough to get a chance to fish with my uncle Randy, he’s spent most of his life passionately chasing Kings; since 1968 .. We headed out in his 26 foot Grady White a boat he’s fished for over 20 years, and I can tell that they know each other like best (old) friends.. I’ve only fished on it a few times and hadn’t been aboard her for almost 10 years, but I quickly realized that this is one heck of an awesome fishing boat! Well-equipped with excellent sea-keeping characteristics.. If it could talk it could tell you about catching Lake Trout in the 80’s, rainbow out 20 miles in the 90's, and big Kings up shallow off Pigeon River in the 2000's… We ran 6 lines and caught our limit of kings in one quick pass down the bank… The trolling pass was punctuated with numerous doubles and triples… we just left rods in the holders while we reeled in the fish we could handle, while we took turns making course adjustments to keep the Grady over the fish.

    All the boats on the bank were catching fish!! Everyone was enjoying outstanding fishing! Now that’s fun… I sure hope you can get a chance to get out on the lake soon, these are the days we wish all of our customers could experience, because while Randy and I headed back towards the canal we both concluded that last night was simply as-good-as-it-gets! That’s coming from a couple guys that have spent a lot of time on the Big Pond and right now she is about as “red -hot” as she can get!! I’m sure it will change, I just don’t know when….Good luck and see you on the water
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    Captain Scott Gutschow

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    While i was gone fishing the salmon cup, captain chris ran the charters to the bank... He has has 5 limit catches in a row! It's tough to see the photos as we fish less productive waters in a tournament almost 85 miles for Sturgeon Bay. Too far to run! But we managed 2nd place in the 333 Big Fish Championship Series! It was fun to get back on our tournament boat and see many familiar faces on the tournament trail! Back to business we have some busy weeks ahead....
    Reel Action Charters
    Captain Scott Gutschow

    Web Site: http://www.reelactioncharters.com/index.shtml

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