Not sure if anyone has heard but the weather has been a little extreme here lately. One day hot, sunny and calm to lots of rain, thunder and lighting. The upside to all the rain is that the water level has come up alot the past couple of days. The lake is just about at normal level. This is good cause boat ramps are more accessible and the step out of the boat to the dock isn't so high.

The fishing has changed for over the past couple days due to all the strange weather. Walleyes have dropped a little deeper to 12 to 20 feet on points and channels where there is current.

With the water temp being high 60's to low 70's the bass have started spawning, making them really easy to catch.

But has anybody knows for the pike all you need is shallow water and weeds. The guys are catching lots!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and as always look forward to giving to filling you in with some more info about whats happening around hay island.