Well as temps warm and the sun has been out for days now the water is warming and the weeds are greening up nicely. Green=gold for walleyes this time of year. Water temps are from mid 50's to low 60's depending on the lake. Walleyes will be relating to weeds on almost all northern Wisconsin lakes at some point during the day, targeting weeds from 4-18ft of water depending on the lake and clarity. On stained lakes weed fishing can be good most of the day with those bonus fish of perch, crappies and pike. While on clear lakes it may be more of a am/pm bit. 1/16 oz jigs is all you need with a bucket of xl fatheads is all you need to catch this variety of fish. This is a fun time to be on the water as you never know what the next cast will bring. Good luck on the water in the next week.