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    Hey Jason,

    You said the passage to Deer Lake is bad. Would I be able to go from Sunset Grill landing to Deer under the bridge from Big Stone with a 18ft tri hull?

    Also what is your availablilty for 1/2 day on June 12th for Walleye on Three Lake chain. Can you move from lake to lake for Walleye fishing?


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    Default Deer Lake

    The water is low on the TL chain, but not to the point of lakes not being accessible. The main lakes are fine you should slow down between lakes and channel areas and there are stumps, rocks, and logs that are not normally an issue. Troubled lake access is Fourmile, Crystal, and Rangeline. The rest are in ok shape. The did improvements to the Medicine and Townline boat lands last week and I think they were going to get to Big Lake as well. Give me a call about fishing in mid June we should be able to work something out.
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