Well folks I am back at ready of another season. I apologize as the winter reports were lacking from my end of things but I am back and ready for another great season of open water fishing and to be sharing what is going on all over northern Wisconsin.

With the warmer temps forecasted for the weekend there should be some good fish activity in the weeds. Not to say fishing has not been good this last week, but I would expect even better fishing as the waters warm. Walleye fishing has been consistently good to say the least. Walleyes have been caught in depth from 5-35 feet of water depending on the lake and the day. 1/16 oz-1/8oz jigs and minnows have worked the best, with the water temps in and around the lower to upper 50's in the next few weeks look for leeches to start as well. As long as mother nature will release us from these nasty cold fronts she keeps sending our way. Also the crappie action has been fair over the 5-8 weed beds on slip bobber rigs. These fish are pre-spawn so if you see those big fat females please release them as crappies can be one of the most sensitive spawning fish and are very susceptible to absorbing their eggs and not spawning during years when the weather does not cooperate. You can tell the male crappies from the females easily; this will only ensure the future of these fish. Good luck to all this next weekend as it should be a great one!