The relentless action continued as we decided to fish two trips today to avoid yet another day of wind and rain forecasted to start early the next morning…. We (Capt Wayne and I) started pulling harnesses and cranks on the lower bay and caught over 20 walleye… We kept a few smaller fish, but wanted to make sure we kept a few slots open for each angler to potentially catch a trophy that night… We took a break, grabbed some dinner, and re-launched our rigs to target some BIG fish. We took photos of 10 walleye of 25 inches the biggest 28 ½ inches and nearly 9 pounds! These big fish were all released! Two will be replicated by a local taxidermist! These were some seasoned fishermen that have traveled much of Canada, Alaska, and Lake Erie…. Nothing has ever compared to yesterday! Both size and numbers made Green Bay the new “BEST” spot for these 5 fishermen… see photos at: