After yet another violent day of wind, we ventured out to a windswept shoreline as the sun was setting to capitalize on some walleye action. Rough was an understatement as waves broke over the bow of my 21 Foot Lund. I set, just 3 rods and worked to keep the heavy seas off my starboard beam; the walleye were relentless! They continued to pound our crankbaits, as we lighten the spread to just 2 rods. Dark was now settled around, as the waves broke over the rocky haunts …. My customers experienced what they described as “unreal action”. They each caught a limit of BIG Green Bay walleye and by the end of the trip the wind and waves had calmed to clear skies and crisp temps… We wrapped up the evening and burnt May 8th 2010 into our memory banks as “one of those nights”! We’ll be telling stories about this night for years to come!