Thanks to Rob - aka Club President and Master of Excel Spreadsheets - we have a way to update our Fish List directly from the MI spreadsheet. The good news is... when you submit a fish to MI you NO LONGER need to do the "extra step" of emailing me with the information. Simply submit your fish online (preferred method) and you don't need to email me. It's really important to be accurate with your information when you are entering your fish on the MI site. If you still want to do the "old school" method and mail me the paper forms, you may still do so. However, I would like to save you the envelope, paper and stamps and show you how to enter online. If you want to learn how, shoot me an email or give me a call and I can walk you through it. It's really easy and fast. If you have any good photos, you can email me those and I will post them on the site. Thanks!