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Thread: Turkeys and Crappies!

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    I've been doing some turkey hunting and crappies fishing lately. Crappies are are way more predictable than turkeys I finding out. My daughter and I have been in the woods for a few hours each morning trying to get a chance at a gobbler, no luck so far. The wind has really been howling, making it harder to hear distant birds. Ticks are as thick as I've ever seen too.

    Crappies are in 6 to 10 feet of water near spawning sites, and readily taking minnows under small bobbers. The wind is making this a bit tricky too but when you find the fish they'll bite. And boy are they good eating!

    Good luck,
    Jim Stroede
    Jim Stroede Guide Service
    Web Site: http://www.jimstroedefishing.com

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    I have been doing a little of both myself. Tuesday a.m. during the second to last scout, it seemed like I could have killed three of the six I heard and since then, it has been tough!!! Great thing about crappies is like you said, if you can find them they are willing to continue to bite and I actually found them in the same depth and even a little shallower.


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    Hey Mark,
    I think the turkeys must have gotten an email alert that the season was about to start, they're in hiding!
    We've got until Sunday night to try for turkeys, I'm glad the crappies are biting for you too.
    Good luck on both,
    Jim Stroede
    Jim Stroede Guide Service
    Web Site: http://www.jimstroedefishing.com

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