Webster Lake Musky Club Needs your help.
The Upper Long Homeowners are contesting the stocking of Muskies. this is our 8th year since we started putting muskies in here and we would hate to see it stoped. There are upper 40" fish coming out of here on a regular basis. We just had a meeting today with the DNR about stocking. we have agreed to cut our stocking down to 2 fish per acre this year.(the homeowners were asking for us to only stock 1 every 3 years or 1/2 fish per acre yearly) that is not aceptible to us. But the DNR is doing a creel study this year (May Through OCTOBER) we are asking anyone and everyone to come and fish Upper Long and participate in the study.



Ps if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me 260-385-0623

BTW there were some homeowners complaning about speeding Just a reminder it is a 10mph lake.