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    Scott, I need some Walleye advise. I am slipped right down the dock from you at quarterdeck (white Baha 277GLE). Can I fish with my rig for summer walleyes (mid june-august)? What rigs do you use when fishing summer walleyes? I would like to go out on a charter sometime this summer. Thanks, Chris Klar

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    You could fish walleye with your bigger boat, but keeping a speed of 1.2 to 1.4 for harnesses can be a challenge in the wind.... and we fish the lower bay a lot and often move around so it would be best to be on a trailer... Finally the small boats make it possibe to be pretty nimble on structure, we can stay on small areas and run and gun as needed... a 10 to 15 mile run from spot to spot is not uncommon... I will run accross to Occonto at time or run clear down to Green Bay.... I launch from Bayshore Park, and Chaudiors Dock a lot this give me access to a lot of productive water.... That's a twenty to 30 mile run for your boat..... Call me to discuss...
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