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Thread: Read this Sundays Dispatch Walleye Dwindling!

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    Default Read this Sundays Dispatch Walleye Dwindling!

    Its not like 90% of the Charter Boat Captains, were un aware that the Lake Erie is heading towards disaster!They asked the Gov. of Ohio to shut down the spring Walleye Run and thats not gonna happen they recieved NO RESPONSE from letters that were written.Many have experienced incredible Walleye catches on Lake Erie, but few can recall the days when catching 1 in a day was bragging rights!Capt Bobby Brown, was the youngest 1st mate, that ever fished on Lake Erie, and grew up seeing the Walleye Capital Of The World Rise and now he is seeing the fall!My dad never got to experience the 10 man limit allowed like I did!I can recall when he, came home pumped up because they caught 9Walleyes on a Charter Boat in 1967, WOW and caught all those fish in Canadian water!The big boys(Charter Boat Capts)are accusing the Division Of Wildlife of mismangement!Im gonna blame both parties here is why!In 2000, a petition was available to sign i signed it the petition came out of Meinkes marina, it said allow a 6walleye limit during the spring because 90% of the fish caught legally are males not females.Impose a 4 fish limit in the fall when the females return! The Meinkes, propsal made alot of sense keep the breeders from getting slaughtered when they return in the fall.Capt Jim Forfrich, the best advocate for protecting the resource was correct id hate to count the poundage of Walleyes that were taken from the Huron Basin all Females from 1997 -2009 had a 4fish limit been in place we wouldnt have lost all those fish but you Charter Heads didnt mind having coolers over loaded with pigs both were wrong! C.B

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    Default Walleye dwindling!

    Sorry im just a bit in a vent mode!Ended with the taking of pigs in the fall wasnt that fun everyone was happy everyone was booked!Ya want to shut down the river fishing for Walleyes, that is a sacred right the males do bite!What about those days when the Captain and the 1stmate catches were thrown in the cooler lets face it some Charter Boat Capts ran double trips in the high years!Both parties share the blame but the real issue has got to be POLLUTION and inavasive species!Is there hope yea at this point id definetly throw a ton of Saugeyes, on Nigara reef that would eat up the Gobies and get out of dodge when the Walleyes come in to spawn!Id consider stocking Muskies to control the over population of baitfish last thing id do is sit around and HOPE it all works out.At this point im gonna see how good the folks who do the research truly are and if it doesnt work with your approach expect to hear me bitch and complain the eggs are in your basket figure it out! C.B

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    Default Can it be fixed?

    Can the issues facing Lake Erie be fixed?Controlling how many Walleyes are taken by sportsfishermen will not fix the issue!If they cannot REPRODUCE they will not survive.This lake went from Walleye Capital Of The World back to scum Capital of the world.Is there at least a starting point to fix the scum?Yes start with the rivers where the fish spawn!The scum in the rivers is killing the eggs, the Walleyes do what they are suppose to do every year but the scum destroys eggs perhaps this winter of record snow fall will result in a great spawn and all the snow when it melts will filter out the scum.Get a camera video wild wings marina at ice out home of the Charter Boat Capts.Take pics from ice out til July of that Marina water watch the water change!150 boats being cleaned everyday when they return after a day of fishing youll see a change.No one gives a rats tail what is used to clean a boat as long as the boat is cleaned for the next crew!Until ya start at a small point to clean up the scum there is NO WAY you can take on a big point but im just a dumb old man who has seen BAD CHANGES! C.B

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