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Thread: Thanks Badfish!! From Washington State...

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    Default Thanks Badfish!! From Washington State...

    Hey guys I just gotta say thanks for posting the episodes online. I'm out here on the west coast. Washington State..Grew up in S.E. Wisconsin and always traveled "up North" to fish with my Dad. Fished around Couderay, Hayward, Boulder Junction and Laona areas. I certainly miss those days. But seeing these vids are just a reminder of how the fishing was when i was a kid. I certainly miss it.Out here we have a fantastic Tiger Musky fishery. Nothing like back home but it is Musky fishing so I have taken it back up out here. Gordy and the Mrs. came out here 2 summers ago now.Showed them some of the fish we have..didnt land any fish but saw quite a few. I will be back home in 2011 looking forward to coming back to land a few 50's..again guys thanks for the vids. You guys kick ass.. check out www.cascademuskyassociation.com And for some of the BEST Tiger Musky fishing in the country come out to Washington State..Todd

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    Default Tiger Town

    Hey Todd, Gordy here. Glad you are checking our show out on-line. We would seriously like to come out and battle a couple Tigers with you. It looks like we will be on a cable station out of Seatle this year on UnTamed Sports Network.
    I will send out the pack of stuff for your tournament in the next few weeks. Thanks for all. Gordy
    Gordy Hastreiter
    Badfish Outdoors
    Web Site: www.badfishoutdoors.net

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