The ice fishing season has fast approached us. Shawano lake has some really unsafe areas so please use caution when venturing out on the ice!!!

I have not been able to get out onto the ice yet, and don't know when the first venture will be with a busy holiday.

I do have one report from a friend that was out Sunday night. He ventured out to do some crappie fishing and ended up catching 2 nice walleyes that he was able to release!!
He was fishing off of the West shore 9-12FOW and cabbage weeds using little rosy reds.
He said he had 5 to 6 inches of ice where there wasn't snow and 1 to 2 inches where there was drifted snow.

I am booking many ice fishing trips this season so call or email to find out availability.

I also will be doing white fish fishing trips on the Bay this year. That probably will not start until January or so.

Good Luck and Be Safe!!
Josh Heling