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Thread: Deer Hunting Vs Musky fishing!

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    Default Deer Hunting Vs Musky fishing!

    I had the shakes so bad Sunday morning deer hunting that Ive never had Musky fishing.I had a 14 point buck 30 yards away to my left but no shooting lane to be honest not sure if I had a shooting lane id have been able to.I have never killed a Buck, so its something id like to achieve in this life.Realize since ive never killed a Buck, I sure as heavens will not take out a small one Ive had those chances!I think next week is gonna be prime for a Big Musky and a true Trophy Buck.Gonna attempt both next week you only live once!Imagine shooting an Ohio Buck and Releasing a 40lb Musky in the same week has it ever been done?Okay im dreaming but if you ever give up the desire in your heart your done.Id be happy with either or and my freinds say im too old to do both you can bet im gonna try! C.B

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    Default Flu bug!

    Just when your all pumped up about Deer hunting and Musky fishing ya get dealt a bad hand!This flu bug hit me Friday night and put me down until today.I finally got in the family woods tonight and was very impatient started thinking NEGATIVE thats there was nothing in this 15acre woods and decided to walk towards an open field instead of staying put.Had 20 minutes of daylight left as i went about screwing up.As i hit the open field a huge doe and a big buck jumped out 25yards to my left and ran like hell to a cornfield 200 yds north.Patience is a virtue something God gave all of us and when we get impatient usually we screw up!I didnt pay $300 to find out if I had H1N1 I do know what I had put me down and it started with a headache from hell.Its nice to feel good again and just being outdoors tonight humbled me.I will share a good fishing report some very big walleyes are being caught 4miles north of Huron and the rest of this week looks good wind wise!If you do get this crazy flu just sleep and sleep til ya wake up and say im ready to go again! C.B

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    Don't worry, killing a deer isn't that difficult. Being in the right place at the right time for a big buck, now that is the trick. Just make sure you practice with your weapon enough to be proficient, and don't shoot too far. You owe it to the animal. If you get upset about the way people mishandle muskies, wait until you experience deer hunting in Ohio. Gun season anyways, bowhunters tend to be more ethical, and take their sport seriously. Gun season on the other hand......

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    Default Shot my 1st Buck!

    My nephew called me Friday night and asked if i wanted to go hunting!After the week i had fighting off the flu bug i said id text him in the am, if i was going.Woke up with the alarm going off and felt good and decided I wanted to go hunting.We set the canoe, in the water about 5:30am and headed across to the other side of the lake.Reached our spot and parted ways as I was fumbling thru the dark I came upon a fawn dead with an arrow in her hip it pissed me off!I walked a few more feet and my light on my ball cap fell off picked it up and the batterys fell out.At this point im feeling real negative but since im gonna be hunting on the ground I continue.I reach what seemed like a haunted tree vines hanging down everywhere and said this is it.I put out some scents and snuggle down in the tree wondering what kind of lanes im gonna have come daylight.When daylight arose I was impressed I had shots all around me and I was concealed.8am nothing 9am heard alot of noises north of me and even heard your busted snorts north of me.10am I look to my left and I see a shadow 10yds away look over and a big doe is 10yds away staring at me blows snot jumps in the air twice and stands 25yds brodeside she wonders away.10:30am I hear a grunt look to my right and see a rack on the ground moving dirt.At that moment i said thats a shooter and and I got totally prepared for that deer to walk the same path the doe did.And it did and stopped 10yds away and I pulled the trigger and about threw my cross bow up against a tree as it stood and looked at me after the shot it then trotted away stopped and looked back at me then fell over.I have never been so over joyed in mylife hunting!It was a nice 7point buck and my 1st buck, for me it was a trophy and ill never forget it.After the week I had fighting the flu I realized I didnt wanna die without killing my 1st buck.To me having a buck within 10yds and having a doe within 10yds doesnt get anymore ethical but will admit I thought I missed him completely.Im not a gun slugger and youth hunt begins this weekend im glad I finally shot a Buck with a cross bow id like to have shot the 12 pointer but opportunity didnt present itself.Now I can chase pig saugeyes,walleyes and musky for the remainder of the year cause im tagged out not bad only hunting 4times this year!

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    Default My 1st Buck

    Opportunity to kill a nice Buck is rare so I took a golden opportunity I sure as hell dont regret it!

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    Default Un Ethical Hunters!

    I have only been deer hunting for 3years and it makes me shake when I see a mature deer 15yds away!I learned alot about deer hunting on this site and learned that unless you have a clean shot DONT TAKE IT!I would have loved to have shot and killed that 12-14 pointer that was 30yds away from my stand to my left and im sure some may have decided that they could have shot with a crossbow thru a 4inch hole.As bad as I was shaking and out of control breathing it was impossible for me.I wish I could find the thread of my 1st year of deer hunting because it had alot of incredible advice from veteran hunters.Shooting my 1st Buck on the ground 10yds away will be something ill never forget especially since it happened with someone who caught his 1st musky on my boat and had a 3 fish catch and release this year.The only NEGATIVE was that fawn with a compound arrow in her hip do some hunt just to kill?Do some fish for Musky just to put em on the wall?I just hope anyone who answered YES to those 2questions realizes how bad you screw up things for the 90% that are called SPORTSMEN!

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