Eagle Lake is a very unique and diverse body of water. Consisting of 68,498 acres of water and more than 490 islands. Eagle also has different colors of water, from very clear to a dark copper color. The north end is the clear end, while the sourthern part is the darkest. Eagle Lake is feed by many other lakes and streams, which privide many fishing opportunities.

Eagle is home to some fantantic fishing for walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, lake trout and trophy muskie. Eagle has it own special regulations that differ from most other lakes in the area. It has a slot limit on walleye where fish from 18 to 23 inches must be released. These are the female's that keep the population growing. While protecting these fish they also grow to trophy size and one has the opportunity to catch that walleye of a life time. Most camps let you keep one trophy for the wall or you, catch, take a picture and release, CPR. That way she can grow even bigger and produce more walleye like herself. There are some very healthy walleye in the 12 to 13 inch range that are becoming of age and size that would amaze anyone, due to the rules and regulations Eagle has.

Northern Pike fishing is as good as anywhere. There regulations are the same on Eagle as anywhere else. These toothy critters always seem to be feeding and roaming the 8 to 10 foot depths looking for an easy meal. One can catch 9 to 10 an hour depending on how long each battle lasts. With a chance to catch that trophy of a lifetime. These fish are very healthy with deep wide bodies that are not found on other lakes in the area.

Smallmouth Bass are also an abundant fish in Eagle Lake. Stocked in the 30's and allowed to gain a presence smallmouth have been known to get to 22 inches and up, weighting 5 to 6 lbs. As with any smallmouth these girls put up a very good fight and are very fun to catch. There are special regs in the spring for smallmouth bass, no smallmouth bass over 13.8 inches may be kept from January 1st to July 1st.

Lake Trout are also present in Eagle Lake. Early in the season they can be found in the 20 to 40 ft depths. As the season progresses and water tempatures warm they retreat to the deeper parts of the lake and are found in the 60 to 70 ft ranges. Lake Trout are found in the northern part of Eagle Lake mainly in the West Arm and Portage Bay.

Muskie fishing on Eagle Lake. There are special regulations for Muskies on Eagle Lake. Muskie must be 54 inches in lenght before one can obtain possession of these hard fighting monsters.

Perch and Rock Bass are also present in Eagle Lake. With Rock Bass going 2 to 3 lbs.