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    Hello everyone, we still don't have internet at our new house. I'm looking to buy a new laptop any suggestions. Mac or PC?? The musky fishing on Vermilion as been good. We've been catching fish on the rocks and in the weeds. My favorite presentation has been burning bucktails over the weeds and rock piles. I've also been throwing been throwing big cranksbaits over the rock piles in the main lake and along some of the deeper weed beds. Walleye fishing as been good also. We've been catching most of our walleyes on jigs tipped with a crawler or by using a crawler harness. We've been catching our walleyes out on the reefs in big bay. We've also caught some trolling raps along some shorlines. Remember to practice catch and release when musky fishing, i'm still hearing about people keeping these trophy muskys for the wall. If it wasn't for someone releasing that fish when they caught it you wouldn't have had the chance to catch the trophy fish you just did. That's it for now. Thanks. John.
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    who keeps a musky, i mean SERIOUSLY..

    replicas look just as good (i think better) as "real" mounts, last longer, and are similar in price. spend a little money to get some release tools and a decent camera, please.

    if you care about musky fishing, please don't allow anybody to take a large lady off of the lake. some of those things take 12-14+ years to get as big as they do.

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