Fished for smallmouth and walleyes this weekend on a small, deep lake. Jigs and jumbo leeches were the key, with a few keeper walleyes caught and a lot of smallmouth that were running medium size with no real big ones caught. Fished hard bottomed areas with some wood in 15-22 feet of water. Decent action for this time of year.

Mark and Clay registered a 48.75" muskie in the Manitowish WMT which all but solidifies them taking another 'Team of the Year' title. Mark also told me they lost 3 other good fish. Oh well, can't catch 'em all! Mark and Clay are the true definition of consistancy when it comes to muskies.

Weather calling for cool temps, daytime low-70's nights 40's. Water temps are in the mid 60's and will probably experience a slow decline. Muskies should continue to use green weeds from 10-20 foot depths. This is the time of year when some weeds will begin to die off while other ones seemingly spring up. Look for the good green ones! Also this weather should begin to push us toward the early fall 'slide', when muskies begin to show up in extremely shallow water.

Walleyes will remain deep, with slips and leeches continuing to produce. Jigs and crawlers also working. This is not the greatest bite for walleyes right now. Approaching the switch back to minnows on hard breaking shorelines/humps. Better fishing to come.

Bass using hard bottomed humps (smallies) with leeches/crawlers/twisters producing best. Largemouth on deep weed edges and wood, big live bait under-utilized shines right now. Also fish in the slop, if the water levels on your lake are deep enough to support slop deeper than 3 feet.

Good luck, and post any reports or questions you might have.