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Thread: Stolen boat motor!

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    Unhappy Stolen boat motor!

    Please be on the look out for a 1994 electric start 20 hp Evinrude tiller motor which was stolen from my boat on Sunday night 2 Aug 2009/ early Monday morning while parked alongside my garage near Townline Road. (Marshfield Clinic)Woodruff. A police report has been filed. The serial number on the motor is 03610559. A reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of these thieves. Never thought I'd have to worry about someone lifting a motor so close to the house. Pretty brazen.
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    Unhappy that suxx

    In my opinion that just SUX . May anyone who ever stole fishing gear never catch a fish again. (only bullheads for them)ought to be ashamed of themselves!

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    Petty crappy...but thats the seedy part of the northwoods that unfortunatly happens. I've personally had a thrust rod stole, bearing buddies pounded out, light harness's cut, these in the last 3 years...all at remote launches like at Rainbow Flowage. But..a few *-holes won't keep me from my favorite places in the state..

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