Hi everyone, the musky fishing on Vermilion has been pretty decent the past couple of weeks. This past monday i was fishing with Carole and her sister Karen. We caught and relased 4 muskies that day. We also had numerous follows. Karen caught her first musky a 25 inch the followed that up with a 26 incher. Carole on the other hand didn't do as well as her sister but handled her sister success better than thought by there dad. Carole however tried netting a couple of muskies with the same sucsess has she has catching them. One fish knocked off by the net and another she tried netting by the tail. Umm... reminds me of someone else i fish with. It was a great day on the lake with carole and Karen. The Monday before i fished with Carole and her father Darrelle we saw alot of nice fish and i had a 52-54 inch fish come up and inhale a spinnerbait i was throwing over a rock reef. I set the hook hard and the fish swam away. I made a few more casts with that spinnerbait and noticed i didn't take the plastic hook gaurds off the hook. I was going to keep quiet about it but had to share my stupidity with Carole and Darrelle. Darrlle reminded me that a guide should be more on top of things like that. I agreed and i'm still obsessing about that mistake. Oh well thats why it's called fishing and not catching. The water temps on Vermilion are still in the 60's and so are the air temps. I've been throwing alot of smaller baits of the rocks and weeds. A friends of mine that i fish with caught a 52 incher this past saturday throwing a shumway flasher over a cabbage bed in 6 feet of water. The walleye fishing has been pretty good. We've been doing pretty good jigging with a crawler out on the reefs in big bay. I caught a 24 inch walleye throwing a spinnerbait while musky fishing the other day. We've also been catching some nice size northerns with the biggest being a 42 incher. I've also been doing really well on Lake 14 while guiding for northerns and large mouth bass. In a four hour trip we've been catching 20-40 northens and some nice bass. That's it for now. If you have any questions or would like to book a trip you can send me a email or give me a call at 218-780-2615 thanks for checking us out and catch ya later. John.