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    Ontario Spring Bear Hunt 2016

    We finally have the Ontario Spring Bear Hunting Season back for the coming 2016 spring season. According to the OMNRF this is a trial period until 2020 and they will review how things go. Last few...
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    2014 Black Bear Hunting season

    Looks like this year is going to be a great year for the bear hunt. We are seeing lots of sign around. We've already started with setting up for the August 15th opener. There are not a lot of...
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    Lake of the Woods May fly hatch

    The top end of Lake of the Woods has started the annual "May fly" hatch. We fly guests right from the docks in downtown Kenora, which is the top end of the lake where it flows into the Winnipeg...
  4. Pickerel Lake Outfitters Fishing Report - Unexpected Lake

    The walleye fishing at this lake has been going extremely well over the past couple of months. The biggest fish caught so far has been a 29" walleye with lots of other close seconds. Minnows have...
  5. Canada Outfitters Fishing Report July 1st to 18/2014

    The fishing on Brown Bear lake has been excellent. Smallmouth Bass lures that have been working are husky jerks in silver/blue colors and also crayfish colors (deep diving) have been doing well too....
  6. Thread: 2013 Deer Hunt

    by PLO

    2013 Deer Hunt

    I was just wondering how everyone's deer season went? There just didn't seem to be the same amount of sign around. Maybe they are all turning nocturnal, like lots of our guests say they are in some...
  7. Canada Outfitters Fishing Report - Brown Bear Lake (English River System)

    The fishing on Brown Bear lake has been really great. Like all our other lakes the walleyes have been in the shallows between 4 to 12' depths. Northern pike have also been up in the shallows and...
  8. English River System fishing report-Unexpected Lake - Pickerel Lake Outfitters

    We've had a couple of groups in at Unexpected lake outpost the past few weeks and they've had an awesome time catching northern pike and walleye. The walleyes have been up in the shallows, 4 to 6'...
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    Great Pike Fishing - Treelined Lake

    A picture of a northern pike caught and released on Treelined Lake, north of Kenora. Part of English River system It was 43".
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    Unexpected Lake Muskies

    We've been told Unexpected lake is an awesome lake to catch some good sized muskies 50"+. I guess we'll find out this season as we've booked the trip. It is located in NW Ontario as the top part of...
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    Brown Bear Lake Fishing-May 22-29/2010

    Our first guests of the season opened up Brown Bear lake outpost with great success. Located north of Kenora, part of the English River system, Brown Bear lake flows into Separation Lake. They had...
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    Walleye Fishing-Brown Bear Lake

    This past fishing season we've had some really great walleye fishing on Brown Bear Lake, Northwest Ontario. Guests have caught and release some "whoppers" along with some nice sized pike and...
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    Brown Bear Lake Fly-in Fishing Outpost

    We' ve had some crazy cold weather all spring, but despite that, the fishing has been really good on our lakes north of Lake of the Woods(Kenora) on the English River system. Some nice sized pike...
  14. Early Season Smallmouth Bass Fishing - English River System

    The early season smallmouth bass fishing has begun on our fly-in outpost lakes with Smallies being caught in much deeper water than normal. The smallmouth bass are staging on submerged deep rock...
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    English River System Fly-in Fishing

    Believe it or not, I still have one fly-in fishing date available at our Brown Bear Lake Fly-in Outpost, June 24th to 28th. This lake has four portage lakes that have great walleye, pike, smallmouth...
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