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  1. Sometimes you need a little luck

    Last weekend was the City Auto Glass walleye tourney on the Big V. My fishing partner and I attended the rules meeting/banquet and couldn't help but notice all the guys with "racoon eyes" from...
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    Taking Reservations

    The cabin is finally ready for folks to use. The kitchen turned out great; love the new hickory cabinets and dishwasher! We put on a huge deck with new stairs and upgraded all the lighting, wiring,...
  3. Hurry up and melt!

    The lake should be plenty high this year with all the snow/rain we've experienced. Last year was a record for early ice out and it made the walleye opener a difficult one for most of us. This year...
  4. Update

    We'll be installing all new hickory cabinets in the kitchen and new crank out windows on Jan. 15th. I am now taking reservations from June1, 2011 on.
  5. Update on the best deal on Vermilion

    Some of you may already know that I am building a new cabin and will be making it available to sportsmen just like you. I wanted to target the working guys that want to get up north and away from...
  6. Float tube fishing tours starting soon

    With record setting lows this week, I haven't exactly been rushing to jump into the water. One day it's 36 degrees at night and then 87 degrees in the day. This drastic change in weather has made...
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    Deer takes out new pickup

    Last week I was heading up North to volunteer my guide services for Take a Kid Fishing. This is the first year of the event on Lake Vermilion and was headed by Ed at Vermilion Dam Lodge. I was on...
  8. Muskie special for one week only!

    I'm offering a smoking deal on a four hour muskie guide tour for the following days:

    June 15-20th

    I will be entertaining my step-brother at my cabin during these days. If it fits your...
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    It's tough to beat a leech

    The water on Vermilion continues to be clear as ever since the recent cold weather has slowed down the weed/algee growth. During the past several days it appears many of the female smallmouth has...
  10. Keep it simple and affordable

    If I added up all the money I've spent on lures, rods & reels..etc, I'd probably be humiliated. Don't get me wrong; you usually get what you pay for when it comes to equipment and I like to have...
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    In search of the smally

    Recently, I picked up a sponsorship from Lamaglas rods. They sent me several rods designed specificly for drop shotting, wacky-rigging, etc. These rods have amazing feel and allow me to detect...
  12. Future guide/lodging packages

    Hey everybody, I've been going crazy trying to get my hands around all the projects I have going on. I'm finishing the basement at home, doing an addition on the cabin and getting married in July!
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    Where to find the walleye

    Pretty good storm blew through a few days ago and today will be plenty hot and humid. The walleyes have not exactly been giving themselves up but they are accessible. Yesterday, we caught fish in...
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