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    Lake Erie Fishing Tough Today

    The Van Gressel's from Kendallville Indiana came today and with stiff east winds after the 40 mph winds yesterday fishing was tuff to say the least. We managed to pull 8 walleyes jigging hair jigs on...
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    Walleyes Begin to Bite!

    The Brunner's, Eau Claire WI had another fantastic day! They caught their limit jigging yesterday and wanted to try the slow trolling with crank-baits. Well, as you can see the fish were fired up! We...
  3. Lake Erie Walleye Start to Fire Up!

    Lake Erie walleye starting to bite good. The water temps are starting to warm and the walleye have moved into the reefs. We have been catching most of our fish jigging hair jigs in 11 to 16 feet of...
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    Walleyes Begin to Bite!

    Well the walleyes are being caught with small boats in and around Cone reef also big pickeral reef. They are catching big walleyes using sweedish pimples and rapala jigging spoons in perch and blue...
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    January 12 2013, Walleyes Biting!

    Well today the weather man was correct we have 62 degrees and the walleyes are biting! Turtle creek looked like a major walleye tournament this mourning and the guys were all heading out to Crane...
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    Last Days Fishing Lake Erie 2012

    Back out SE of Kelley's in 37 feet of water had another great day catching 15 real nice walleyes. Our last day will be tomorrow and then the weather looks like its going to get ready for winter.
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    Huge Walleyes Still Catching

    Yesterday was another unbelievable walleye day 10 days before Christmas. We fished on the SE corner of Kelley's Island and with the weather's above normal temperatures the walleyes were cooperating....
  8. Lake Erie Walleye Still Catching Trophies

    Well today was another delightful chilly day, we headed to the SE corner of Kelley's Island and started off very slow than picked up in the mid afternoon and we managed to pull 18 real good walleyes....
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    Just Can't Quit Catching

    Had to go one more time and glad we did. Headed over to the SE corner of Kelley's Island and the walleyes were stacked. Caught 5 FISH OHIO'S and a total of 20 nice hogs. Trolled reefrunners back 45...
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    Another Bonzi Walleye Bite Today!

    We decided to head out to the West of Mouse Island in 25 feet of water and put 18 monster walleyes away. We have consistent weather and low winds and plan to also fish tomorrow. We are trolling...
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    Last Minute, One More Trip!

    The guys from Happy Days Boating called and invited us for 1 last trip and they were dumping a 30 footer in for the event. We headed out in deep fog and started at F can with not much action and only...
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    Today We Trap Muskrats

    Well we took the day away from fishing Lake Erie and had the invite from a 59 year veteran trapper Eldon Bocher. We trapped the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and really thats paradise in its self!...
  13. Thanksgiving Day Walleye Fishing The Best, Limit Yes

    We headed out to the South East corner of Kelley's Island and the walleye were on fire. We caught 12 walleyes in less than 2 hours. Trolled 30-40 back one side 50-60 back on other, best lures were...
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    Crushed Monster Walleyes Today!

    Today we ran out to the South East corner of Kelley's Island and commenced crushing huge walleye 32 pigs. The walleye started biting as soon as we put the rods in the water. We trolled reefrunners...
  15. Walleye Fishing Remains Very Good!

    Started out just west of Mouse Island and really enjoyed a great trip and captured 16 walleyes. We trolled reefrunners 50-70 back, best color was grey ghost. Weather forecast remains good until...
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    Lake Erie Walleye On Fire!

    Well walleye fishing today very good, caught 16 walleyes that filled the 60 quart cooler full. Trolled stickbaits south of Green Island in 27 feet of water. Another spectacular weather day and the...
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    Today We Catch Walleyes

    Well today we headed out on a wonderful mourning on Lake Erie and ended up with 19 quality walleyes. It started out real slow than picked up toward the late afternoon. The forecast looks great...
  18. Perch Fishing Excellent Today, Limit Yes!

    Today we headed out to the North East corner of Pelee Island Canada and spanked a limit of monster perch. We started very slow than we had to make a few moves but we really found the perch and it was...
  19. Lake Erie Fishing Remains Very Good!

    Fishing on Lake Erie continues to be unbelievable for good size yellow perch and bass. Those walleyes will be our upcoming challenge and we will start fishing for them after this weekend. This...
  20. Perch Fishing Excellent, Limits Yes

    Pelee Island perch fishing just couldn't be any better. This weekend limits for both boats and jumbo perch were unbelievable. Walleye still have not shown up and I hope we see them soon.
  21. Weekend Fishing Yields Limit Catches, Both Boats

    This past weekend perch fishing was spectacular, limit catches and some real nice smallmouth bass in the mix. We are still fishing Pelee Island Canada and with water temps in the mid 50's it will...
  22. Jumbo Perch and Smallmouth Bass on Fire!

    We have had very good luck with the perch and smallies, the walleyes have been very scare were we have been fishing. Pelee Island Canada fishing has been unbelievable this fall and only keeps getting...
  23. Lake Erie Western Basin Catching big Perch, Walleyes Still Slow

    Fishing is very good at Lake Erie's western basin. Perch remain huge in the Pelee Island areas and C can and Niagara reef are also producing good catches of these tasty fish. Walleyes are starting to...
  24. Pelee Island Perch Fishing Off the Charts Today

    We are having some unbelievable fishing Pelle Island Canada, jumbo perch & smallmouth bass. We have been catching perch limits not as fast as usual but the quality makes up the difference. Smallmouth...
  25. Jumbo Perch On, Walleyes Just Here & There!

    This weekend the Jumbo Perch have arrived, The cold nights have ignited there appetites and perch fishing will just get better here on out. We have been catching these perch mostly in Canada but...
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