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    2017 Season End

    Hello everybody and welcome to the Windycitysalmon Newsletter that closes out the 2017 Season. There's lots of information in this year's closing letter; a brief summary of 2017, changes in rates and...
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    2017 - Start of Season 10

    Hi Everybody,

    After lots of pre-season prep-work over the last two weeks in March, the Independence was the first boat to go in the water at the end of March and I took the first crew out to fish...
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    Update - mid-April

    After a long period of heavy winds from every direction, stability has returned and remains in place for the near-term.

    Shoreline water where we are normally fishing for brown trout this time of...
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    2016 - Season 9 is Underway

    Hello Everybody,

    The Independence was launched over a week ago and I have already been out fishing six times. As we often have this time of year however, there's been heavy wind the past two days,...
  5. A Quick Look Back on 2015 and Peaking into 2016

    Hello everybody and I hope this emails finds you well, ahead of Christmas and after an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

    Fall temperatures have remained mostly mild here in the Chicago area and early winter...
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    Fall Season 2015

    The air outside remains hot at the moment, more like July than August, but we are in full-fall fishing mode and will be for the remainder of the season.

    But let's back up a bit and recap the...
  7. End of Spring - Start of Summer - Update

    Hello Everyone,

    With spring of 2015 officially in the rearview mirror, I'd like to update everybody on the fishing status out of Waukegan Harbor.

    Let's start with where my last report ended on...
  8. April-end - Fishing is Heating Up

    With a very successful April now in the book, I look forward into May and the unofficial start of the coho salmon season. We've been getting plenty of coho already however for the past 10 days or so....
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    Beginning of Season 8 - 2015

    Hello everyone and welcome to the 2015 Season, my eighth season as a captain.

    The Independence was launched two weeks ago today and I have been out fishing quite a few times already. Fishing has...
  10. Start to Season 8 - Shakedown Cruise

    Even though this spring's weather has swung back to winter several times, I managed to finish some large, pre-season projects ahead of schedule and launched the boat on Monday, March 30. With all my...
  11. Seasons 2013 and 2014 Highlight Video

    A consolidated look at the highlights from the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

  12. Fall Newsletter - End of 2014 Season 7

    Hello everybody,

    Welcome to the Fall edition of the Windycitysalmon Newsletter. And the official end of the 2014 season, my 7th season as a captain. I just returned from a hiking trip in...
  13. Taking it to the Limit - Spring fishing update - Looking ahead near term

    Now that May is over and June upon us, I'm taking advantage of a day off the water today due to winds/rain/weather to update everybody on the status of Season 7.

    Our catches throughout most of May...
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    Mid-May Spring Coho Update

    Fishing continues to be excellent. In fact we are off to the best start to any season that I have seen since coming back as a captain, seven years ago.

    We have already been out 25 times this...
  15. 2014 Season begins - exclellent fishing - first five trips out - five straight limits

    It seems our harsh winter had no effect on the start of the 2014 season except for a slight, week or so-delay in waiting for the ice to melt in our harbor.

    I began fishing last Sunday (4-13) for a...
  16. The 2014 Winter that Never Ends - Newsletter

    I wanted to drop a quick update to everyone here and hope everybody has had a good winter despite its firm grip it has on us here. Some of you hate it I know. But some of you enjoy it too. I am one...
  17. 2013 Season Recap - Thoughts on 2014

    The 2013 Season, my sixth as a Captain, came to a close for me on Thursday, Oct 10 and I had the boat pulled out of the water a couple days later. At this moment, she's resting on jackstands and had...
  18. July/August Update and the Home Stretch

    With roughly eight weeks left to go in the 2013 Season, I wanted to update everybody one more time ahead of the last entry which will be an end of season recap.

    My last update spoke about the...
  19. End of June - Transition Time - beginning of King Salmon Season

    Hello everybody,

    After the past two years of terrific June fishing, June of 2013 took on a more traditional feel to it. And that means we experienced good fishing in the beginning of the month,...
  20. End of May Update - Coho Fishing in Full Swing - Kings are Starting

    Fishing for coho salmon remains very good as we move through the end of May. Weather stability remains key to keeping the fish concentrated but we seem to have a healthy quantity near Waukegan at the...
  21. Mid-May Update - Coho Salmon Fishing Recently Accelerated Into High Gear

    Recent catches of Coho Salmon off Waukegan Harbor has recently caught fire and we are returning to port with limits of fish. The Coho are running larger than average for this time of year and have...
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    Early May 2013 - Coho are Here

    Schools of coho salmon have arrived near Waukegan Harbor and catches have been very good.

    We should continue to see good hauls of coho throughout May and hopefully into June (and beyond?) Many of...
  23. Late April - Shallow Water Brown Trout

    While we wait for more coho salmon to arrive, we are getting into some very good brown trout catches.

    If you have never caught brown trout or wanted to go for a brown trout-exclusive fishing trip,...
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    2013 Season Start

    As a lot of you know, the weather in the Chicago metro area has been tough recently. Winter was packed into about five or six weeks and some would even say it never ended since, as I write this, we...
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    2012 Season Highlight Video

    Today is March 28 and it seems that Spring will sing softly the next few days, giving me the first real chance to begin waxing the hull of the boat .. or at least the sunny side of it.

    Today also...
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