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  1. Big Muskie Star in 2018 Oak Haven Fishing Contest

    Big Muskie played the lead role in Oak Haven's 2018 Fishing Contest.

    Bryan Feda broke our eleven year record (since 2008) when he landed his 52 inch Muskie last spring. Ryan Schwartz was here this...
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    Labor Day Muskie

    Labor Day weekend 2018 proved to be something special.

    We've been charting our "Top Ten" for 9-10 different species of fish caught by our guests since 2008. Five of the biggest ten Muskie we've...
  3. Walleye, Muskie, Pike, Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Perch & more!

    Oak Haven guests enjoy catching many different kinds of fish.

    Not only was our biggest Muskie in eleven years landed this spring (52 inches, Bryan Feda), several others over 30 inches have been...
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    Oak Haven Record Tying Bass

    2018 marks the 11th year of our annual fishing contest here at Oak Haven. We measure the fish by length, not weight. To accurately measure a fish, we close the mouth and squeeze the tail. Every year...
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    28 inch Walleye

    Our first place Walleye was landed recently. Joe Hill was here with a great group of guys from Dixon, Illinois. He landed a 28 inch Walleye on a leech. The previous leader in this year's Oak Haven...
  6. Oak Haven Record 52 inch, 40+ pound Musky

    Bryan Feda was here vacationing recently, enjoying the comforts of big Reunion Cabin # 11. While using a leech and fishing for Walleye, Bryan hooked into a monster Musky. Not wanting to cause any...
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    Good Start to May Fishing

    May has been quite exciting as a variety of nice fish have been landed by Oak Haven guests.

    Our biggest Walleye was 27 inches, landed by Monty Hoefflin. His son Jesse landed the next two biggest...
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    Ice on the Lakes

    As of May 6th, the ice is out on Lake Andrusia. We've been showing pictures of the south end of Andrusia recently on our Oak Haven Facebook page. Ice remains on much of Cass Lake, but it's going fast...
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    Ice Remains on Area Lakes

    Today at 1 PM we took pictures of the south end of Lake Andrusia...still ice covered...and our boat ramp...which is ready to launch boats. Those pictures were just posted on our Oak Haven Facebook...
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    Ice remains on area lakes

    We drove past the south end of Lake Andrusia today. Snow and ice completely covering the lake. Still no visible water along the shoreline. However, day time highs are soon to reach the upper 40's and...
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    Ice on the Lakes

    Spring is coming soon everyone, I promise.

    Prior to the last couple of years, normal "ice out" was around April 26th. Last year the ice went out on April 10th. The year before on April 18th. We...
  12. Fall Fishing and 2017 Final Fishing Contest Results

    The leaves have fallen.

    A light snow covers the land.

    November has arrived.

    Late fall proved to be really good fishing this year. Three of our biggest four Walleye for 2017 were landed after...
  13. Pair of Anglers Catch and Release Five Muskie

    For many years Terry Meggitt has been bringing his family to Oak Haven Resort in the fall. They enjoy big Cabin # 11.

    Terry's son Ryan Meggitt and his buddy Ryan Schwartz are part of that...
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    21+ inch Bass - 48 inch Musky

    The biggest Largemouth Bass we've seen in ten years was landed recently by Tyler Domeier. The monster measured 21 1/4 inches and was photographed on our yardstick for proof, then released alive....
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    Man Lands Musky on Kiddie Pole!

    OK...so it wasn't a giant musky. It's a fun story though!

    Patrick Hughley was here vacationing with his wife Jackie and their two young children. He was joined by his parents. He was joined by his...
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    50 inch Musky!

    Clint Luksa is an avid angler who for years has been fishing different parts of the Mississippi River. He makes his own lures and enjoys chasing Northern Pike. Clint often lands a decent amount of...
  17. Man lands two 18 inch Bass and a 36 inch Pike the same day!

    Fishing has been pretty exciting lately here at Oak Haven!

    Roger Hoeppner landed an 18 inch Bass, an 18 5/8 inch Bass and a 36 1/2 inch Northern Pike today. The fish are safe for now....Roger is...
  18. Man lands 27 inch Walleye and 35 inch Pike the Same Day

    Kathy and Bob Thiele are a couple that the fish must fear. They come here every year and they always catch nice fish. They are here with Bob's brother Bill Thiele. On June 6th Bob Thiele landed a 27...
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    Another Excellent Opening Week

    Oak Haven guests have caught lots of Walleyes and Crappies in our first three days....May 13-15, 2017. Many fish do not get measured for our fishing contest, but our top ten Crappies measured in are...
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    51 inch River Monster Muskie

    Steve Heisler has been coming to Oak Haven for the last sixteen years. He and his family and buddies like the opening week of Walleye fishing. This year's Walleye opener was Saturday, May 13th.
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    Good Walleye Bite on Opening Day

    Guests staying at Oak Haven Resort are enjoying a 70 degree opening day of the Walleye season....and almost everyone is catching Walleyes. The guys in Cabin 8 went fishing at midnight and had their...
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    Opening Day Approaches

    Opening Day of the Walleye Season here in Minnesota is just a few days away. Expect temps in the 50's or 60's but it could be rainy and cool. Have your rain gear tops and bottoms...and keep your feet...
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    Is is Out on Area Lakes

    Drove by Lake Andrusia today...as well as Lake Bemidji. No sign of ice anywhere. "Normal" ice out here is April 26. Last year the ice went out around April 18th. This year the ice out date is set at...
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    2016 Fishing Contest Final Results

    Here are the results to our 2016 Fishing Contest. Please remember that many fish caught by our guests never get entered into our contest. Our contest is for fun, not for money. Integrity, proof and...
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    Summer Fishing Review

    July and August produced some really nice fish even though most of our regulars here reported not finding Walleyes in their favorite fishing holes. July 21st we made it through the reported 80 to 105...
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