View Full Version : Opener 12'

Scott Biscobing
05-07-2012, 11:59 AM
The opener started with relatively nice weather. We had a little wind and overcast. We started on our normalspots and connected relativly quickly. We caught several shorts and a few nice keepers in the morning. most were caught on jigs in 8-13 feet in new growth weeds. They shut down for us around 8:00. Sounded like a good time for a break for breakfast and to see how the rest of the crew did. it was a pretty mutual outcome of the morning. In the evening it started slow but picked up very strong just before dark and for a good hour after dark. I switched to cranks and we moved to a little less pressured spot and I connected right away. We continued to move aroung on the flat and as dark got closer the action increased. We had several doubles that evening and we caught around 25 walleyes in the last 1 1/2 hours. The size ranged from 17-22 inches. One interesting note is that the moon was full and bright right at dark. A couple hours after dark it got overcast and therefore darker out. When the moon went behind the clouds the walleye bite was over. It was fast and ferious for a while. It was a blast. It is good to have the season open and be able to spend the opener with good friends.

Good fishing,